I’ve read about and thought zentangle would be fun, but until I read Claudia’s ( of Mirrix loom fame) post about her efforts and how she made it her own, I’d just kind of given up on the idea. Maybe I’m just not “free” enough? I did make some notecards with colored pens that were zentangle-like, but not the “real” thing. There are actual study plans for grades 3-6 on the site. Is that what I need? I always think that a glimmer of a design might shine through the doodling.


On to weaving—I took out the two inches that I had woven on the current work and started all over. I wasn’t happy with the jumpiness of the supposed-to-be curves. In the middle of the night it occurred to me that I was going to have to change the weaving and use hatching to get the effect that I want. This, after commenting on Rebecca Mezoff’s blog about how I didn’t like to do hatching. Must’ve been fate after that! Now have several new inches woven and am much happier with the results. You can see that the colors on the right are so close together that I have to really watch the beginning and end of a color section. The problem on the horizon now is the warp, or perhaps, the lack of. So, I’m just going to weave until I can weave no more.Swirl_cartoon

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