My studio has a high ceiling, and I have taken advantage of that by using the space above the closet doors to hang locker baskets to hold yarns. I also need a place to put finished pieces that are all rolled and wrapped up in their blankies.Pieces_wrappedIt occurred to me that the space above the windows might be a good location for a long shelf to hold work. Tuesday I have an appointment at the Container Store. Their annual Elfa sale is happening right now, so I’m going to see if it is feasible to put one shelf between the ceiling and the top of the shades (19 inches) centered on this wall. The shelf would end up being about 19 feet long if it goes all the way across. I may have to go to Plan B (????) if the sale is not big enough. I’ve thought of other possible solutions, but don’t want to clutter up the studio any more than it already is. We shall see…

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