Resolutions or words? Or nothing at all…

Kim_Huang_squares_staggeredI gave up New Year’s resolutions years ago. It was always the same anyway—get more exercise, eat healthier, and get more organized. Then I started hearing about choosing a word for the year. I thought that might be more feasible, but then there were just too many from which to choose. I don’t know where I first heard of this idea, but I read more here. It became a what to choose, what to choose exercise, so I did nothing. I just noticed a post on Facebook on the TAFA page from quilt artist Cindy Grisdela. She said that last year she chose the word “expand,” but this year she has chosen “explore.” I really like that word, although what I really want to choose is “prosperity” the word explore might be more in keeping with what I want to do. Oh, well, too many words again. Maybe I’ll just keep rocking along and completing a year without choosing a word again.

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