Luckenbach and paper yarn

LuckenbachAfter wiping the frost off the windshield this morning, we got on the road to Austin. On the way, we made a few stops. First to Luckenbach, where the smoke was already pumping out the chimney for cooking barbeque later in the day. Interesting—the road to Luckenbach is called Town Loop Drive. Most loops bypass towns, but this one is literally a loop that takes you to the town, where maybe two families and lots of free-ranging roosters live. My camera lens kept fogging up from the cold outside as it was still freezing outside, plus it was still so early it was hard to find good light. After this brief detour, we headed to Austin. Below you can see the reason for adding an hour to the return by adding this city to our drive—Hill Country Weavers.Hill_Country_WeaversEach room in this small house on Congress Ave is filled to the brim with yarns, although most are for knitting nowadays. On a warmer day, Congress Avenue is worth strolling along and poking into all its eclectic and funky shops. Gee, guess that means I may have to go back in the spring or summer! In this shot, the section of yarns below the hanging sweaters is filled with yarns from Habu. I wanted to get some more paper yarn, so I was glad to see this section. By the way, Habu is having a sale.


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