Fredericksburg, Texas


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As often as we have been to Fredericksburg, a town in what we Texans call The Hill Country, we have never been to the Nimitz Museum, pictured above. I have to admit that our hill country is beautiful and the home of lots of interesting places worth a visit. There’s the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, the Antique Rose Emporium, Wildseed Farms, and the famous Luckenbach, to name a few. However, a cold winter day is not ideal weather for visiting.

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The famous Luckenbach

And, once every decade or so, one needs to eat German food in a town founded by Germans. Our effort in that direction was made Sunday night, which just happened to coincide with the first night of Winterfest. We ate at the Ausländer. Our choice was a 30 minute wait or outside Now, it’s only 40 degrees outside, but they have heaters for the outside area. How nuts is that, but that’s what we did. One really needs to be hungry to eat in a German restaurant. I wish I had had a camera to take pictures of the baby at the next table. He had a beer bottle (empty) with his head tipped back like he was getting every last drop. Funny.

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