Woven glass, temporary shelters and weaving, of course!

imageNo pictures of the latest dyed yarns, but today will be spent finishing up on the piece that’s on the loom. Gee, how long has it been since I’ve done any weaving? Then the yarns will need to be balled up. I always like to do that in front of mindless TV, since balling yarns is such a mindless activity. Along with that, I’m working on a couple of designs based on the colors in the painting of the previous post. These samples come from using Color Schemer to pick colors from a photo. They have color schemes already developed by others—wonder what kind of design would develop from using one of the preplanned schemes?imageI saw an ad for the Haven Gallery on the back cover of American Style magazine that caught my attention. The gallery is touting kimonos and woven glass in the ad, although it’s over by now. Below is a YouTube video via CBS about the process. It’s pretty interesting. In fact, I think I’ve watched it before, but it’s still interesting. Of course, they don’t reveal their secret for weaving glass!

The images below come from the Woven Glass website.


A Harvest of Temporary Shelters article and slide show. The pictures depict some really beautiful sculptures of what is intended to be temporary shelter. Take a look at all the slides and see the diversity of the designs and materials.

“Gathering,” by Dale Suttle, So Sugita and Ginna Nguyen of New York.

Credit: Courtesy of Sukkah City

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