Since I seem to have a fixation on gradations and layers right now, I loved this picture from ArtDaily. This is in my inspiration for designs folder. Love the colors! Maybe a dye session of these beautiful colors….image

Félix Vallotton Coucher de soleil à Grâce, ciel orangé et violet. Sold for CHF 2,434,500 (Est. CHF 1,800,000-2,500,000). Photo: Sotheby’s.

I’m doing some dyeing of the colors to add to the palette for the next piece. Today’s dyeing is violet and violet/blue. The next dye session will be oranges pushed to the yellow side.

Total change of subject: This news about a preHispanic mask. If you go to the page, you can see some of the authentication aids and read more about the mask itself. Isn’t this just amazing! I am always awed at how well preserved these and other pieces are after so many centuries.


The Malinaltepec Mask. Photo: DMC INAH/H. Montano.

MEXICO CITY.- After a decade of controversy regarding the authenticity of the Malinaltepec Mask, an investigation conducted by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) has verified it is original. “The Malinaltepec Mask”, a new publication coordinated by Sofia Martinez del Campo, a specialist in funerary masks, integrates 7 studies performed recently by 20 researchers on the Prehispanic piece, confirming it is authentic.

What fun!


This not only looks like fun to me, but from the design I can see on the doors, I would imagine it’s difficult.

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