Another tapestry book

Tapestry-Soroka it’s is really embarrassing, but this book has been on my shelf for a while, and I haven’t looked at it. Actually probably not on the shelf for too long because I just organized my books. But still, it’s been in my house. It’s a beautiful book with some gorgeous pictures in it! There’s a bit of instruction, definitions of terms, etc, alternative materials, but one of the things I like is that  the captions under the pictures give the epi of the piece. Why that matters to me I don’t know, but it does. Maybe because I weave at 4 epi, so it’s nice to see what other setts enable one to do. Anyway, check out Tapestry Weaving by Joanne Soroka. There’s a lot of eye candy!

By the way, when I went to Amazon to get a link for the book, they kindly told my that I “purchased this item on May 15, 2012.” So, yes, it has been in my house for a while.


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