Day Two


Above is a Visuwords illustration of the word structure. To use, just type in a word, click Enter, and the program does the rest.

Yesterday’s goals were simple:

  • 15 minutes de-cluttering
  • Tie on warp
  • Begin weaving project
  • Continue with maintenance on other items

I’m keeping them simple because the plan is to have success, to be able to cross those things off my list. And I outdid myself! The warp is tied on, prepped for weaving, the design is marked on the warp, and butterflies are made. The colors are in the order in which they will be used, AND, de-cluttering has been started. Yippee! I will not get too excited about this one day’s success—after all, there are many days ahead. And de-cluttering at 15 minutes a day could easily take a couple of centuries or two. That number will have to increase at some point.

Now, about that warp: it was a total mess. When I warp, I make a warp much wider than what I usually use. The extra warp just hangs at the front and advances as the weaving advances. Those extra warps have a tendency to wrap around the pegs for sectional warping. In addition, I double the selvedge warps. This piece will be about twelve inches wider than the previous piece, so those doubled ends had to be rethreaded and new ones made. Took me longer than expected, but it’s done!

Today’s goals are pretty much the same:

  • Weave, weave, weave
  • De-cluttering for 15 minutes
  • Continue other already started goals
  • Grocery store, post office, gas

I discovered today that the hunt for a new computer may have to happen sooner than expected. My scanner won’t scan, says there’s not room. I know there’s room, but …something else to add to the list.

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