Dull, but Nice

This is a picture that a friend took of some dolls in a market in Peru. Just thought I’d throw it in for some color.

Okay, it’s pretty boring around here right now. I’m weaving, watching the birds, and thinking about how I’m going to finally get the right colors for this dye project. I made a group of small sample skeins (10 grams) yesterday. I’m going to dig out my old canning jars and try minute amounts of dye on each skein. I’ve never dyed this way before, but I know people who have. It’s tempting to go out and buy a cheap microwave, but then I’d have to arrange a place for it.

Had my eyes checked yesterday after having lunch with a friend. My prescription has changed, so I’m going to have new lenses put into the old frames.

Like I said, pretty dull. The weather is nice, though we need rain. Makes me want to do some gardening, even though it’s February and will freeze again.

Back to weaving . . .

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