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Check out the Facebook Fan Page of the Fine Art Department.image  There are lots of great artists represented there with some beautiful work.  The website itself is here.

This has been pretty much a non-weaving week for me after cutting off the last piece.  The whole time I was weaving it, I thought about the meditative quality that it seems to have for me.  Several others have also commented on that.  However, Meditation does not seem quite appropriate as a title, so I thought Peace might work.  Still thinking about that.  Any ideas?  I’m anxious to get to work on the next project, but have had many other things interfering.  Real life, you know… 

We joined the YMCA that’s fairly close by, so now workouts have to be scheduled in.  I’m sure that right now they take longer than they will later when we become more experienced with the machines.  And, of course, the Thanksgiving holiday is coming up.  Cleaning, cooking, etc.  The good news is that my son and daughter-in-law will be arriving sometime Monday. 

American Craft Council Show in Atlanta update:  I decided that I just don’t have enough inventory on hand right now and don’t think I can weave fast enough to get what I consider the best number of pieces finished in time.  And, since the cheapest booth costs $850, I decided to pass this year.  I felt sad when I sent in the form, but also felt like it was the correct response.  This lack of inventory has caused me to really focus and weave much more.  Every time I cut off a piece, I record the date and am amazed at how much faster I am getting pieces completed.  This week I will do the finishing on the last piece and get its official formal portrait made.  The guild is participating in a sale on December 5.  Boy, that’s coming up soon!

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