Kandinsky, Magnets and Iggy


I bought these magnets many years ago and have only actually used a few of them over the years. They come in a sheet from which you have to remove the individual magnets. They appealed to me, probably, because of this Kandinsky poster available here.


Farbstudie Quadrate, c.1913

Here I have taken six of the magnets and put them into the shape, that when folded, would become a cube.Magnets_six

IguanaThe big news around here, besides the triple-digit heat— Iggy! This from the American Statesman in Austin.

People hooted, hollered and high-fived Tuesday afternoon when Austin artist Bob “Daddy-O” Wade’s 40-foot iguana sculpture was lowered by helicopter onto the roof of the animal hospital at the Fort Worth Zoo.

And this from the Dallas News, which gives a little history of Iggy. Will Iggy be happier in hot Texas than in cold Manhattan? This is a sculpture by Bob “Daddy-O” Wade, created in 1978 for a club in NY. All the pictures come from the Statesman.Iguana-head

I’ve kind of been knocked down the last few days with some kind of achy, indefinable physical ailment—just not feeling quite up to snuff. So, all plans for this week have gone out the window. Tomorrow will be oil-change day. Will take my sketching materials, a book and some research materials for my visit to the waiting room in the service department. I actually kind of enjoy those waiting times—up to a point. They’re kind of like enforced quiet time, with no choice but to enjoy. It will also be time to step outside and make a few phone calls that I’ve been putting off.

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