Odds and Ends and Design Ideas

I have always wanted to go to Perú to see Machu Picchu. I love pre-Columbian Peruvian art, so a trip to Perú seems to be in order. However, after trekking over ruins lately, I have, unfortunately, come to some conclusions. My sense of balance, which has never been good, is going to have to improve. I am also going to have to build up stamina for walking difficult terrain. Machu Picchu will have the additional stress of high altitude.

First of all, for anyone who does any natural dyeing, here’s a picture of a Logwood tree. The sawdust from this tree produces some nice purples, grays, and almost black.LogwoodTree I am always interested in possible design ideas. I took these pictures at the Museo Cerámica on the Tikal grounds before I saw the NO CAMERAS sign.Ceramics3Tikal Ceramics1 Then there are these oddities. Not sure if they’ll come in handy or not, but I liked the possibilities. Don’t you think these palm leaves look interesting in shadow?Shadows_leaves

SpiralRocksAltunHa YellowBark

The rocks above were at the ruin of Altun Ha in Belize. They are “talking” to me a lot. The yellow on the tree trunk was a beautiful color.

I looked at these stalks every evening at dinner. Love the graphics. I’m having a “conversation” with this picture, too.


This may be the bark of the Tourist Tree on the left. Tree roots were a walking hazard. The ruins were built on bedrock, so the roots don’t have many places to go except out on the surface.


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