Polar Red continued

imagePolar Red “sample” on the ProChemical site

I decided that the Polar Red yarns had to go, after taking a good-sized sample for my notebook. Above is the color as shown on the ProChem website and below are the yarns with the Polar Red skeins. None of these graphics really illustrate the color well—at least on my monitor. In both pictures the Polar Red skein is on the far right—in case its bright self was unidentifiable!Reds_Polar_RedRust_PolarRed



Yesterday I overdyed the Polar Red skeins with Royal Blue and Violet. Below is a picture of the results.They’re really quite nice. I haven’t compared them yet to dyes that I use on a regular basis, like Magenta and other purples that I have dyed in the past. The skein on the left is the one overdyed with blue, right is overdyed with violet. Something else to consider: The original Polar Red yarns were dyed at 1.5%, as in the ProChem example. (I usually dye at 1%.) The blue and violet were added at 1%, which makes the whole shebang dyed at 2.5%. I use those percentages sometimes for a particular project, but not on a regular basis. Which means that I will need to dye yarns at the regular 1% but divide the colors equally to get a real feel for using Polar Red. Rumor has it that it is an excellent color to mix with other colors.Violet_Blue_PolarRed

Tomorrow I am overdyeing some of the reds with Polar Red.

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