Reds and more reds

Reds_PolarRedLooking at the reds overdyed with Polar Red, I first thought the color looked like other reds that I have dyed before Polar Red entered my life. However, when those skeins were placed amongst all the other dyed skeins, it was clear that the Polar Red skeins were different. Above are four skeins: on the left is Deep Red/Scarlet in 75/25 percentages. Its PR counterpart is next. Third from the left is 50/50 Deep Red/Scarlet and its PR counterpart. This picture does not do any of the yarns justice. I must have changed a setting on my camera, which I will investigate soon—maybe soon.

All of the week’s dyeing are in the wash at the moment. You know you’ve done a lot of dyeing when the washer is almost too full!

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