I was tagged by Shannon of Sunrise Fiber Lodge. (By the way, I love the photo on her web page.) You’re supposed to list 5 addictions and tag 5 other blogs. Sorry, but I’m going to have to adapt this a little. I’ll list the addictions and then just give you a list of blogs and/or artists to explore.

  • Weaving-in all forms even though I only do one kind for the most part-actually this could just be fibers and fabric of all kinds
  • Color-which leads to dyeing. Color is what always grabs me.
  • Reading-mostly mysteries. Actually, this can be a pretty serious addiction.
  • Technology-again in all forms, but especially research, just the capability a computer can provide. Something I spend way too much time using.
  • Gardening-where my dreams are always more grandiose than my capabilities or time allow


There are so many great blogs out there, one could spend all day just reading! For this list, I think I’ll go with non-weavers.

Whoops! I went overboard. It’s hard to stop. There are some really great artists, but enough.

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