What’s on the loom (almost)

yarn-on-shuttle It’s been an interesting week in a sort of bad way. I went in for a crown on Monday, the dentist discovered another broken tooth, then a trip to the oral surgeon on Wednesday. Oh well, at least the directions say to do no strenuous exercise for a few days. Wonder if that includes mowing?


Squirrel cage with yarn on board. Yes, it’s a bad picture. The white sections top and bottom are because I straightened the picture.

Weaving is not too strenuous, and that’s what I want to do anyway. Above is my ikat weft on the shuttle ready to go. It’s interesting how these wefts look like absolutely nothing until the weaving begins. This particular warp had to be redone several times to get the width correct. It’s ready to go now–the first color before the above section has been balled up, ready to go on the bobbins. I am reminded again how much I like my squirrel cage from Hockett Would Work. The shuttle above is also one of his, which you can see better here. You can see a picture of his squirrel cages here. They are on the right at the back wall. I may have to check out the foot-powered skein winder next.

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