Here’s what one hundred pounds of yarn looks like. My estimate is that each of those bags weighs five pounds, since a rough count shows that there are twenty of them. Nothing slow about me! This is the first time I’ve received yarns bagged up like this from Henry’s Attic. At the bottom of the photo, below the paper, is how I have always received them in the past. Gee, wonder what today’s goal is? I’m just hoping they’ll all fit in the containers I have for them. It’s somehow comforting to know that there’s this much yarn available, since the dye gods don’t always smile, and I have to dye more.image

Above is a picture of a box that I store the yarns in. In my studio are three closets along one of the walls. Two of those closets are used mostly for weaving. Three of the above boxes fit on the floor under the bottom shelf in each closet. They came from the Container Store.

Currently washing some yarns that were dyed at 50% of the regular 1% dye formula. They look nice, just not sure how they’re going to fit in with the rest of the colors. Pics tomorrow, when I can actually walk through my studio again.

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