To slit or not to slit

Designs that require slits are to be avoided. And I usually do avoid them, but in a weak moment I started weaving a design when I really knew better. I’ve been sewing them up as I go along, but frankly, I just don’t like the way they look. To make sure I was doing them correctly, I did a small search.

ATA has a very good article by Susan Maffei about slits. Other links led me to articles or pictures were not so informative.

So while weaving, I have been thinking about these angles that end up in slits and a few other types of weaving I want to do. I’m thinking I really need to warp up that baby loom and get to experimenting.

To take a break from slits, I came across this from a publication called My San Antonio. The artist is Anita Valencia, who titled her installation “Sun She Rise Sun She Set and You Ain’t Seen Texas Yet”.

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