Fabric rugs and more rabbit holes

I was reading an article about repairing fine china. At the bottom of the article was another article called READING, WRITING, RUGS. This bottom part was all about the rugs that young girls made, I’m assuming somewhat like samplers were used to teach fine hand-sewing. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Girls’ academies from Maine to Tennessee offered formal training in “rug work.” Students used mixtures of fine imported silk and hand-dyed rags to depict villages and farms, and they sometimes added exotic beasts based on prints in encyclopedias.

This article took me to a couple of other sites pertaining to textiles. There’s the gallery of antique textiles where I found this bit of textile that I love. There are also auction sites showing pictures of some of the antique rugs here and here, and to fabric artist and restorer Tracy Jamar. Jamar and Jan Whitlock are co-authors of “American Sewn Rugs: Their History With Exceptional Examples”. Jamar is offering a workshop on shirring of the type that was used in the construction of the rugs.

More rabbit holes for me….



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