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Cranbrook by Schacht

Guild meeting was Saturday, and we had an excellent program, all about the care and feeding of your loom. Lorelei Caracausa was our expert. She is one of the owners of Heritage Arts and a member of our guild. Lorelei said we should treat our looms like a piece of fine furniture. Wow! Guilty as charged!

And speaking of our guild, take a look at our new guild website.  It was really nice to have this group today because it was exactly what I needed after a difficult week. My mother broke her hip, which meant surgery, staying with her as much as possible in the hospital, and now visiting at the rehab facility. Now that she’s been moved, the first thing she wanted was her computer. She has two blogs here and here, and also participates in a couple of writing groups. Busy lady!

Trivia of the day–it is said that lack of sleep costs US businesses $63.2 billion a year. Then we have tweeting ($112 billion a year) and retweeting ($65.6 billion). And transferring your LPs to MP3 files costs the nation $11.7 billion a year. Who even thinks of these things to research? Even more wasteful activities can be found here. I don’t need research to know about my wasted time.


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