White pens

White-Sharpie How do you do design work? I use several ways, but mostly a sketch and if I like that, I go to graph paper, and in the last year or so I have then been scanning the graph paper drawing and playing around with color in Photoshop. Sometimes though, through all of that drawing on graph paper, I might ink it in and realize that the scale is off or a motif is in the wrong place. That’s when I want a white pen. It’s easier to get those stray marks out of the way before going into Photoshop, at least for me. Maybe my fine motor mouse skills are just not very good. So, Monday I went to our locally owned art store and checked out the white pens. And, boy, are there a lot of them since I last looked. A few years ago, the only thing I could fine was a really big one, maybe to use for your graffiti or something. I bought a couple of fine point Sharpies and two different brands with medium point. I really like the fine point pens, all of them. The only pen that I didn’t like is the very last one on this list. It has two different “brushes.”

So, back to designing—those who do designing—how do you do it? I’d really like to know.

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